African Percussion Ensemble – 1st March 2017

SIX WEEK COURSE – Wednesday March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and 5th April.

Come and explore the infectious beats of African drumming music from Mali and Guinea, West Africa. In this Ensemble course students will get t explore the different parts of a traditional West African drum ensemble and how the music is performed.  The course will end with a student performance.

Venue – Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios, 2 Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Temple Lane Studios – Location.


Rhythm is highly important to life in rural Africa, it breaks up the mundane tasks of the day such as pounding grain and turns it into a rhythmic adventure. All stages of life are accompanied by drumming in certain areas of West Africa. Births, , coming of age, planting, harvesting, marriage…. All have their specific rhythms.


Level 1 – No experience necessary.. This workshop will introduce participants to the key patterns of West African rhythms and why they are played.  We will explore the different sounds of the djembe drum and how to play together as a group.  Mainly we will have a lot of fun

Drums are provided, but please bring your own if you have one.

Time – 6.45 – 8pm                               Cost – 90 euro.

Max 14 participants, minimum 8.


Level 2 – Attending African drumming workshops or playing regularly for six months or more. This workshop will focus, on traditional rhythms, techniques, solos and arrangements. Participants can play djembe and/or dunun. We will also explain some common methods of notating rythms and students can record all parts.

Time – 8.15 – 9.30pm                         Cost – 90 euro (80 with own djembe).

Max 14 participants, minimum 8.