Kempes & Dangana

kempes - festival de l'oh 2009Kempes & Dangana‘s music is rich and generous inspired by many different musical styles, but deeply rooted in traditional music of Niger.

Traditional music and instruments are the base of Kempes & Danganas work. A mix of Zinder folklore and modern styles are the inspiration for this music.

The adaption of traditional melodies by modern instruments results in an inspirational musical arrangement throughout the repertoire.

The principal motivation of Kempes & Dangana is to keep alive the ancestral musical roots while enriching this sound through new modern influences.

The music of Kempes & Dangana is profoundly attached to traditional local music – that of the historic singers of the Sahel. The vivid traditional nigerien rhythms especially that of the percussion elements are inspired by the traditional drum beats of the region of Damagaram, east Niger. Traditional instruments like the kalangou, Duma and the Akanzam are retained to highlight the richness of the traditions.

The notes and chords traditionally played by the « gourmi » and the « garaya » – an instrument with 2 strings made from hardened pumpkin shell – are reinterpreted by the electric guitar.  The bass guitar and the drums transmit innovative and colorful rhythms inspired by soukouss and reggae.

Throughout the titles, sung in Haussa and French, Kempes & Dangana reflect on themes concerning Niger and Africa in general, such as national unity, love, the place of women and children in the society, sufferance, education …….

For Kempes the musical expressions are enriched through exchange and exposure. In continuous evolution, Kempes now living in Dublin desires to continue to be inspired by the many styles of music that diffuse and enrich their music while promoting the traditional Nigerien music beyond the Nigerien and African borders.