What are the benefits of Drumming to promote team building and wellness in your companies, community groups, schools and multiple other settings. 

Drumming is for everyone.

Rhythm is such an inherent part of our lives, if we didn’t have rhythm we would fall flat on our face as we tried to walk, it’s programmed into our DNA from hearing nothing but our mothers’ heartbeat till we are born.

As such, rhythm and drumming workshops are some of the most ACCESSIBLE means to connect with ourselves and others. Just imagine 50,000 people stomping and clapping along to Queens ‘We will rock you’ in Wembley Stadium, instantly united in one simple rhythm.

Team Building Drumming workshop Amnesty International

EVERYONE can do it. Drumming workshops don’t require any formal knowledge, music theory or that you are genetically linked to Mozart.  We start with the simplest beats and develop skills over time. But connection of a group of people playing a simple beat can be achieved instantly.

Drumming ENERGISES a group.  By working together we can achieve a balance that gives energy to a group. This is what musicians mean by being ‘in the groove’, like you are a roller coaster track, there are ups and downs in the rhythm, but all the carriages are connected and will move together. If you have ever run or cycled in a group you will know it’s much easier than going on your own.   As master drummer Mamady Keita says, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’.

Drumming has numerous health benefits.

STRESS release is another of the benefits of drumming. Ever been so stressed you just wanted to hit something? Drumming – problem solved. But seriously, stress is a huge factor in the cause of illness and drumming provides an excellent physical activity.  This activity is also MEDITATIVE. The repetitive nature of the rhythm allows us to concentrate on one thing, GROUNDING us in the moment and putting external pressures to the wayside.  Drumming also allows us to release negative emotions, we often see a transition in our workshops with participants going from meek employee to full on rocker.

Drumming workshops are a great LEVELLER in any group. I never ask who the CEO is or give any special consideration to make anyone stand out. A simple reshuffle of the group and different departments and groups are all working together and displaying new talents.

Drumming is FUN releasing endorphins in our brain and leading to happiness and euphoria. In fact studies have shown that participants in drumming workshops had Immediate mood improvements.  There’s no emphasis on reaching a target, we create what we create and everyone has their own creative input in the process. The emphasis on playing is PLAY and the greatest music is achieved by laying aside preconceived notions, letting go of ego and harnessing our childlike creativity.

In a nutshell – some of the benefits of drumming

  • Drumming breaks down barriers allowing participants to work efficiently together.
  • Drumming fosters non-verbal communication to achieve a common goal.
  • Drumming closes the gap between different social, departmental and seniority groups, allowing
  • Drumming is a powerful motivational tool


Whether your looking for a once off experience or to gain a new hobby in your life there are multiple benefits of drumming.  Drumming is also a universal language, so be it at a drum circle or playing traditional West African, Cuban or Brazilian rhythms we can connect without verbal language.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Case study – Afro-Eire were charged with providing a breakout workshop for 120 participants at the Google EMEA conference 2017 at The Convention Centre, Dublin. The client wanted to incorporate the theme ‘It’s better together’ into the workshop.  It’s hard to think of a more fitting activity to express this theme than an African drumming workshop. The team worked incredibly well together to create a six-part rhythm with djembe drums, bass drums, bells and shakers. The event was a huge success.

Afro-Eire have been providing drumming workshops for over a decade facilitating programmes for companies, schools and community groups, right up to professional development workshops for musicians.

This has given us a unique ability to tailor our workshops to the needs of any group and all abilities.

Our facilitators have a profound knowledge of rhythms and the cultures they originate from based on extensive field research in West Africa and South America.

All our facilitators are working musicians and performers with an ability to deliver quality entertainment.