Professional drum repair in Ireland including Djembe, Dunun, Conga and Bongo repair and re-skinning.

We can repair your drums with  high quality goat, calf or cow skin.  We can also re-shape the rim of the drum to improve the sound, oil the drum, make new rings for your drum, re-rope the drum, and fix minor and major wood cracks.

For more information on djembe repair please feel free to contact us.

What materials do we stock?

We have a variety of goatskins from Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso including medium and thick skins with or without hair.

Calf skins fro djembe and bongos.

Cowhide for Congas and Dununs.

How much will it cost?

Djembe repair IrelandDjembe

10″ – 11″ Djembe

Standard re-skin – 70euro

Re-skin, re-rope and oil – 90euro

Full refurbishment – new skin, rope, crack repairs and oiling – 105

12″ – 14″ Djembe

Standard re-skin – 90euro

Re-skin, re-rope and oil – 115euro

Full refurbishment – new skin, rope, crack repairs and oiling – 130


Single side  – 40euro

Both Side  – 75euro


Single side  – 75euro

Both sides  – 140euro

Dununs, ( Dunduns, djun-djun )


Single 90e

Both 140e


Single 95e

Both 150e


Single 115e

Both 190e