Regardless of location our Virtual team building activities will boost morale, creativity and interaction. Connect people and foster a team atmosphere in these unprecedented times.

Junk Drumming Workshop – Virtual Team Building Activities

Using household objects such as cardboard box hand drums, pots and pans agogo bells, bin bass drums, chopping board palitos, coffee can and pringle tin shakers, we will create a variety of rhythm together.  We will give you plenty of ideas in advance.

Body Percussion Games – Virtual Team Building Activities

Want a quick warm up at your online meeting we will have you making multi part rhythms with nothing more than your body in minutes, clapping, clicking fingers, stamping feet.. you have a built in drum kit.

There are so many benefits of group drumming for your Team .

  • breaking down barriers allowing participants to work efficiently together.
  • fostering non-verbal communication to achieve a common goal.
  • Closing the gap between different social, departmental and seniority groups, allowing
  • Drumming is powerful motivational tool

Afro-Eire have extensive experience delivering our Team Building Drumming workshops, both onsite and online.

What you need

Most items are readily available in your home.  However, we will offer you a list of fun household items you can use before the event. Most instruments are ready to go like a sturdy cardboard box, or put some dry rice into a tin and you have an instant shaker. It’s as simple as that.

The Technical Bit

We use high quality video and audio equipment to ensure our facilitators are clearly seen and heard.  Our equipment is compatible with a variety conferencing apps and live streaming facilities.

How long will the Virtual Team Building event last

From a 5 minute ice breaker to a full workshop, we’ve got you covered.