Afro-Eire has been running African Drumming workshops in schools for over a decade. Our energetic workshops introduce students to the music and culture of Africa.

African drumming in schools Ireland

African drumming and dance workshops  for schools Ireland

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Our drumming workshops specialise in team building, communication, creativity, relaxation, education cooperation and having a lot of fun.  Our lead facilitator has over fifteen years experience studying African music including two years in Africa.  He holds an Msc African Politics form the School of Oriental and African Studies and has worked extensively in Africa as a volunteer.

African Drumming Workshops for Primary Schools

Our drumming workshops for primary schools provide a fun and easy access to rhythm for young learners.  All our workshops include fun rhythm games, rhythms and African songs.  All instruments are provided and we can provide workshops for several classes in a day.

African Drumming Workshops for Secondary Schools 

Our workshops for secondary schools engage the students with the culture of West Africa. Our facilitators have in-depth knowledge of African tradition as well as music.  In this workshop we bring students into the traditional life of the African village where every aspect of life is connected to rhythm. (Just see the video below).

Interactive drumming and dance workshop/performance (ideal for large groups).

This event is suitable for groups of 80 +. Includes demonstrations of drumming and dance followed by inclusive singing, body percussion and dance.  Workshop lasts 1 hour 15 minutes. Or 45 min x 2 for groups exceeding 100.  (Includes three facilitators).   Please contact us for a quote.

African Drumming Workshops for Transition Years 

For our Transition year workshops we ad key element of Development Education to the workshops. Village drumming is intricately connected to both the life cycle of the village but also its population.  We also explore how cultural practices impact on the lives and rights of the people. Our lead facilitator holds an Msc African Politics from SOAS he has extensive experience in working and studying in Africa.

Development Education Workshops for Transition Year and Secondary Schools

Development Education Workshops

please contact us for a quote for your area


Full Day – 380 euros

Half Day – 260 euros

Travel – Petrol plus 10e per hour of driving from Dublin.  Calculated through AA Route Planner

Example – Full Day workshop in Mullingar.

Workshop – 380 euro
Petrol – 23.76 euro                                                                                        Travel time 2hr 6min  – 20.60euro

Total – 424.36euro