Afro-Eire have been building kamele ngoni for over a decade.  We studied our craft In Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso with some exceptional artisans. Our Kamele ngoni have a rich tone using the finest materials available.

We can produce a range of different styles of and customise the instrument to your needs.   Instruments start at 450euro and are available for shipping worldwide.

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Kamele ngoni 12 string – 550euro

Calabash – Very thick providing warm sound. Width 35cm. Country of origin Niger.

Neck – Solid Maple – 132cm long.

Bridge – Rosewood, kiln dried tonewood. Specially created for musical instruments to give the best sound transfer.

Skin – African Goat Medium.

Strings – Nylon

Tuners – Kluson

Handing – Burkina Faso style, right to left.


We can ship worldwide.  We make a custom box for every kamele n’goni.

Prices based on a large kamele n’goni range from 100euro to the UK, to 150euro to anywhere in the US.

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