Kamele n’goni lessons

The Kamele ngoni (young persons harp) is a harp-oud from the Mandingue region of West Africa (especially Mali and Burkina Faso).  It has its origins in the hunters donso n’goni. Also known as kamale ngoni or simply Goni in Burkina Faso.

The Kamele ngoni meaning young persons harp is harp oud from West Africa

Kamele n’goni Kamale ngoni Goni

For more about the Kamele ngoni check out our history page  About the kamale ngoni

The first in a series of videos that explains a little about the world of Kamele ngoni a harp/lute from West Africa.

Lesson 1 talks about kamele n’goni  construction, different tunings, and the teaching methodology for these videos.  The lesson focuses on some simple scales exercises to develop your playing technique.

Lesson 2 focuses on a some more scales that can be used as exercises or incorporated into African pieces.

Here we demonstrate a rhythm from Burkina Faso for the Kamele n’goni entitled Lome Lome Lome (Always, always, always).

Some patterns and improvisations to be used in the blues.

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  1. Really enjoy this, thanks so much. Any information on constructing n’goni would be great to learn…also, if you have any transcriptions of songs, in musical notes or anything…that would be neat to learn about.
    I enjoyed what you have done so far, please add more if you get a chance. Thanks again.


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