Kamele n’goni weekend – August 17th to 19th 2018.

We are delighted to announce our first ever residential kamele n’goni weekend.

Situated in a beautiful old house in Laragh, Co Wicklow just a few minutes drive from the lakes of Glengalough.

Kamele ngoni

Kamele ngoni

So this is how it works. We would start the day with group warm ups and the basic bones of the groove for that session, afterwards everyone can find a little corner to play and I will go around everyone spending time adding to the rhythm individually.. So when you have one part down, I will come back with improvisations for you. Then we can all get together again in the evening to play.

Please take a look at some information on Kamele n’goni here and check out some of our free Kamele n’goni lessons so you may know what to expect.





The lakes of Glendalough

The lakes of Glendalough

About the Teacher

Paul McElhatton has been studying West African music for over 18 years and kamele n’goni for 12 years.  He studied Kamele n’goni in Burkina Faso with masters Ibrahama Sanou and Drissa Diarra.  Since then he has gone on to form and perform with groups including Manden Express and the Sidiki Dembele Sextet.

Cost – 160euro including bed and tuition.

Cooking will be communal.



For bookings please contact Paul – paul@afroeire.com – 0860856498



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