Afro-Eire works with the best African Drummers from Ireland and abroad  to create exhilarating live performances.

Our team includes virtuoso African, Brazilian Samba and Cuban drummers who consistantly produce show stopping performances.

Afro-Eire Drumming for team building

The team create a electric atmosphere ideal for Festivals, product launches, weddings and private events.

Afro-Eire can also provide African dancers, fire artists and stilt walkers to create a high impact at our performances.

How will it work for your event?

Give us a quick email or phone call.  We can provide a great vibe with just two drummers, provide full six piece drum groups with dancers, or more subtle performances featuring drums and African Harp.

What does it sound like?

Check out samples of West African Percussion group Fakol

How can we find out more?

For more information about booking African Drummers or other African Bands please feel free to contact us.